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C & P Lighting Co.,Ltd

We are committed to better serve our clients with concept-driven, sensible and functional design. Transform living and commercial space into dynamic master piece with sublime quality and a touch of modern ambience.



Creative and professional are our core values. 
We view creativity as a mental process that involves not only the generation of new ideas but also the exploration of the relationships between existing ideas. To be truly creative, we must understand all the rules and possess extensive knowledge of a certain domain. We then break the rules to create something new. 
Being professional is a self-regulating practice of discipline, persistence and paying attention to details. We believe by building a team with individuals who posses these qualities is the key to reassure our products and service are delivered in a timely-fashion with quality and consistency. 
Our core values are our foundation and the reason why we hold ourselves at a high standard. We are truly proud of the light solutions we provide. 


Our primary work focuses on architectural lighting design – the incorporation of light within landscape, urban, architectural and spatial contexts All of our work explores common interests in human perception, luminance composition, material relationships and phenomenal transition of time. Our client driven projects synthesise these poetic interests with practical needs toward the creation of inspired environments that sensitively consider human inhabitation along with reduced impacts on natural resources. We work collaboratively with professionals, manufacturers and academics in the development, documentation and management of diverse design projects that range in scale, typology and geographic location. These collaborative partnerships assemble individuals with diverse expertise in order to expand the team’s overall capacity to address unique project needs.


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